Cricket World Cup 2007 Final

The final of World Cup cricket played was the worst example of the farcical duckworth lewis method. This stupid rule has ruined quite a few number of important world cup matches and now including the Final.

Cricket Management including the ICC council president and chief executive should resign over this amusing state of affairs. For so many years, cricket enthusiasts and followers have been complaining about DL method. … Can someone tell me when was the last time when the team batting second had won under DL method… perhaps never..

And why could the world cup final be not played over two days to give both teams a fair chance to win. I am not saying that Australia did not deserve to win .. kuddos to them for showing how quality side they are but I am sorry to say Sri Lanka were not given a fair chance to compete and hence this game was biased in favour of Australia from the time DL method was activated.

With clouds looming over and the required run rate jumping from 8 to 10 with a short rain drizzle made the picture clear of SriLankans… either slog everyting and lose… or not slog and lose… sorry but its true… there was no way on earth they could pull them out of this farcical statistical chase. 

 It is such a shame that the World Cup Final had to end in a way when the batsmen were playing in total darkness with no lights because… the stupid ICC would not allow the game to run over two days…

World cricket need new thinking and new managers. It is time the old thinking go and retire….. The way the whole world cup was played with half the matches involving cricket minnows made a mockery of the whole challenge which is supposed to bring the top cricketing nations against each other…. ( I am sorry but whatever brave  show those nations like Ireland and Bermuda etc. put did not add to the quality of the game).

Shame on ICC and its management… 


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