War Rock Servers under attack by Hackers

I logged over the weekend on War Rock only to find that all the servers were under continuous attack from hackers / cheaters who made a mockery of the whole experience.

War Rock admins should implement more powerful punkbuster procedures as current ones have failed miserably.

It was a real shame that you could not spend event 10 minutes to have a normal game play.


Since this topic continues to generate the most interest on this blog (I am not surprised!),  here are some hints to ensure a smooth War Rock game play:

  1. Ensure you do not have any proxies/firewalls blocking War Rock and it includes programs such as Zone Alarm – ensure you have assigned server rights to War Rock
  2. If PunkBuster cannot update itself automatically then go to http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=pbsetup.php and manually update PunkBuster. Remember, that normally Punkbuster should update itself automatically – There are no rings and bells (sometimes a one-liner does inform you of the update) so wait for a minute or so before joining a room on the server.
  3. Sometime it helps logging into a less-crowded server first to get the update before going back to your usual server.

Hope it helps!!!


11 thoughts on “War Rock Servers under attack by Hackers

  1. Hey Buddy! This is Anil.

    Last night I downloaded War Rock as it seems thatz some game I can play online as I haven’t been able to play Counter Strike for some stupid router conf. reasons. 😦

    When I tried to join a server, I got this ..punkbuster upating.. comment & couldn’t play after that. So I manually updated this PB but still I am getting the same error 😦 😦

    I was a CS freak. I wanna play atleast this to quench my desire. And I am scrapping from office.. 😛 so game sites/forums are all blocked x-(

    You have any idea if this could be cos of Firewall??

  2. Well Punk Buster is playing its tricks.. it is not a router or firewall issue…. there are serious issues with this software which is supposed to disallow cheaters. .. this has been disallowing legit players..,,. it even kicked me today out of the room …
    we have to wait until K2 network fixes this issue which is so frustrating


    If you cant get into a game cos PB is updating endlessly the do as it tells you and update the file manually…

    Goto evenbalance download the file and put it into you PB file in the WARROCK folder…

    To make this easy for you paste this link…


    Takes about 2 mins to do…



  4. It won’t work for me… its so retarted i wana play wr but i get this update thing and it kicked me out everytime

  5. i need help. i dont kno where my PB folder or watever is and i dont kno why wr isnt working! I N E E D H E L P ! ! ! |

  6. lol i hack warrock, cs1.6 everyday, i release warrock trainers every weekend on my SteeLit hacks forum.. lol

  7. Hey Bro i installed WarRock 5 days back, enjoyed playin it but today since morning hav bn tryin to get connected but its doesnt connect. Its asks for the username and password but therafter once i enter and press OK it still hangs on the same screen….

    I tried going on the War Rock website but there too the page doesnt play says:

    Not Found
    The requested URL was not found on this server.

    I m sure someones blocked my system from accessin as i don hv a proxy server or even a firewall blockin it….

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