Yousuf dropped from Twenty20 despite in the best form of his life

So they have dropped Yousuf… what a shameful act!!!

It wasn’t so long ago that he broke 20-odd years old Viv Richards record of scoring most runs in Test Cricket in a calendar year…. so long… what do you mean … it was 2006………

this team is going to lose miserably.. not because it hasn’t got talented players.. but because Pakistan Cricket is being run by the corruptest mind of 21st century.

Somehow there is this thinking that Yousuf is a good test batsman… but one-day maybe not so…. is it so… do you really think it to be true…

Lets go to Cricinfo and see who has scored the most runs in One-day International in 2006-2007 season for Pakistan ………….. what … ?? is it Yousuf… you must be kidding.

Here is Yousuf’s status for One-day (2006-2007) season who has scored more than 8000 runs in One-day Internationals:

Mat 13 Runs 453 HS 101* BatAv 45.30

Lets compare these with Yunus Khan’s stats for the same season (no disrespect to Yunus who somehow got selected):

Mat 12 Runs 232 HS 93 BatAv 19.33

Okay….. lets see how our so-called Captain Shoaib Malik has performed in the same period:

Mat 15 Runs 406 HS 62 BatAv 45.11

Not bad… still Yousuf’s come on top… so why he was not selected…………….. is it his appearance!!!! can be — Pakistan is the most discriminative society anyway which is morally corrupt as well (Here I mean secular morals not religious morals 🙂 – surprising isn’t it)

And the sentiment is very eloquently put in this Cricinfo article:

Shame on Pakistan Cricket!!



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