More than 12000 Pakistani sign petition rejecting Martial-Law

We the people and the friends of Pakistan demand General Musharraf and the Government of Pakistan to:

1) Restore the Constitution of 1973 and take back the PCO.

2) Restore the judiciary system and release all the judges, lawyers, human rights activists, politicians and civil society activists who have been arrested post 2nd Nov 2007.

3) Allow the broadcast of electronic media and remove any censorship curbs which have been imposed under the Emergency Law.

4) Hold free and fair elections to restore true democracy in Pakistan and put an end to involvement of armed forces in Pakistani Politics.

We the people and friends of Pakistan demand the basic rights in Pakistan and the return to democracy.

TO GET SIGNATURE LIST PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO: and we will send you list of signatures sorted by date, name or country in a word document with petition text that you can send to different authorities.

Sign the petition @

Update: Signatures now approaching 14000 mark (10 Nov)


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