GeoTV in Pakistan crushed by Tyranny

From this Friday evening, the Govt. of Pakistan has succeeded in pressurizing the UAE government to ensure Geo-TV stops all transmissions of current affair program, news, discussions etc. on the current political situation.

Although Geo and other independent channels were already banned in Pakistan, these could be seen on satellite channels around the world. This curb effectively means these can continue only as pure entertainment channels, if at all.

It throws a good or bad light on Pakistani government is rather a different question but it does reflect very poorly on the UAE as it shows despite them trying to showcase themselves as the most developed and modern nation of the middle east, it all still is merely a facade around a more autocratic type monarchical society.

Anyway, coming back to our main point – I think a good advice to Geo and other like-minded independent media channels is to base themselves in a true democracy like the UK or the US (sorry I’d rather ignore the raised eye-brows) to ensure they can continue to show what is happening in Pakistan to the wider world.

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A good summary of what has happened on


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