Is Dawn Newspaper a biased news-aggregator? Or at worst a torch-bearer of yellow and irresponsible journalism?

Dawn Newspaper was founded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. It prided itself in breaking news and was respected in the influential class for its reach and the quality of the journalism.

However, it has recently become a mere news-aggregator and a bad one that is completely biased against Pakistan and is promoting a precipitated view of a failed state (on whose behest is anyone’s guess).

This is especially true since the retirement of the esteemed Ahmed Ali Khan.

There is no sense of patriotism which is not about distorting facts but about helping the nation find the answers to our problems. It is also about doing one’s bit to help promote a balanced picture of the country externally.

Funnily, Google news Pakistan ( is a much better and balanced source of news about Pakistan because it aggregates news from sources with all sorts of biases automatically.

There are several examples of anti-Pakistan biases in Dawn Newspapers’ reporting and some are below:

14th September 2012

The top story is about protests across Pakistan against anti-Islam film. This story has been borrowed from AFP with all its unnecessary details and stereotypical view of Pakistan without the facts (not sure why one has to think that if it comes from a Gora it will be unbiased – feels like a bit of an inferiority complex as well). It seems Dawn Newspaper does not have any reporters based in Pakistan to report this news item in a fashion which more reflects reality instead of typical stereotyping and bucketing of Muslims by Western media. Read for yourself here.

28th August 2012

This story is about signals from Pakistan mobile phone companies’ towers reaching India. This news item has been borrowed from Times of India. It is quite funny because it truly bares the face of Dawn Newspaper as the story is at best only partially true and at worst a good example of yellow journalism. The story makes references to make-believe telecom companies which for a fact do not operate in Pakistan and some may even not exist. By publishing an unsubstantiated report, Dawn Newspaper is willingly participating in a misinformation campaign. Read for yourself here.

27th September 2011

This story is about Pakistan thanking China for its support however the story is intermingled with an opinion piece on US feelings about Pakistan. The story has been borrowed from Reuters. It seems Dawn Newspaper has no reporters in Islamabad to cover this story and hence needed to borrow it from Reuters. Read for yourself here.

These are only a few examples. One can point to a story on a weekly basis if not more often that may well look like coming from Fox News directly (at least they are no hypocrites and are proud of their views)

So, the question for Dawn Newspaper is, why do they employ so many reporters and journalists if they intend to aggregate news from selected foreign media for news even from Pakistan. Even a youngster with some web publishing knowledge can do this with flying colours.

Foreign news agencies’ feeds are generally used only where an organisation does not have the resources to cover the story first-hand and needs to rely on those feeds. Thanks to Dawn Newspaper, stories from Pakistan are now received and propagated via foreign media (with all the spiced-up anti-Pakistan bias) and branded as if these were from Dawn Newspaper notwithstanding the small print that no one normally reads or pays attention to.

But the bigger question is why the Pakistani elite and so-called educated class continue to hold Dawn Newspaper in high esteem. The only fathomable reason is that the corrupt and unpatriotic love each other’s company.