Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – why Karachi is a map

Not being a keen follower of gaming anymore, it was surprising to learn that Karachi is a battle map on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

It is the most despecable thing Activision (the creators of this game) have done. All gaming lovers who love Pakistan and Karachi should write protest emails to Activision ( Here is the brief description from Call of Duty Wiki on this map.


Karachi is a map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 set in Karachi, Pakistan.

The factions are the Navy SEALs and the OpFor. It takes place in a town setting.  There are many buildings to enter and attack from.  The most popular area is made up of an alleyway and two buildings connected by a balcony connected by two ladders.



It appears Activision are acting on some hidden agendas to desensitise people around these things so that if something is planned by some idiots (remember the invasion of Iraq on lies!), people are not shocked.

If this is not the case then Activision should add Washington DC as a map as well… may be it is too naive to think.. they can’t risk the massive domestic US population anger which can affect their sales forever.

What double standards…..

Shame on you Activision.


Timo Glock conspires to handover F1 GP Championship to Lewis Hamilton

Well the Brazilian GP is over and without sounding too negative, it must be said that the sudden powering down of Timo Glock car in the last lap was very fishy.

Addendum: One has to have a look at the sector timings specially last two as I am still not sold that Timo played it fairly.

Nothing must be taken away from Lewis Hamilton and Philipe Massa who both competed brilliantly and it was one of the most exciting F1 championship in the recent times.

Draconian Law changes in Pakistan

It is being widely circulated that the government in Pakistan is planning to make some far-reaching modification to the Pakistan Army Act whereby civilians could be tried in the military courts.

And given that civilan courts have no jurisdication over proceedings in a military court, it will give a literal freehand to the governement to persecute dissenters.

If it is true then it is nothing short of a true Martial-Law. What a shameful act!!!

More than 12000 Pakistani sign petition rejecting Martial-Law

We the people and the friends of Pakistan demand General Musharraf and the Government of Pakistan to:

1) Restore the Constitution of 1973 and take back the PCO.

2) Restore the judiciary system and release all the judges, lawyers, human rights activists, politicians and civil society activists who have been arrested post 2nd Nov 2007.

3) Allow the broadcast of electronic media and remove any censorship curbs which have been imposed under the Emergency Law.

4) Hold free and fair elections to restore true democracy in Pakistan and put an end to involvement of armed forces in Pakistani Politics.

We the people and friends of Pakistan demand the basic rights in Pakistan and the return to democracy.

TO GET SIGNATURE LIST PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL TO: and we will send you list of signatures sorted by date, name or country in a word document with petition text that you can send to different authorities.

Sign the petition @

Update: Signatures now approaching 14000 mark (10 Nov)

The online gambling business

With the increase in online betting and gambling, it has been a real boon for these online paper companies… literally working on naught capital and using the membership’s money to run the operations… they hide behind the marketing gimmick that there is no membership costs.. not letting us know that they are feeding on interest earned on this money to run these services … clever isnt it  🙂

We are going to see a lot of them in the coming year’s no doubt —