Congratulations PTI

PTI did not sweep the polls but do not lose heart.The rise of PTI is not short of phenomenal. The charisma of Imran Khan and the conviction of common people to change their destinies historically chained to family loyalties have made sure PTI comes out as a formidable third political force in the country.

The people of KP, who have endured the most suffering over the last three decades, have shown the most political awareness and ensured PTI sweeps the province. This is a great opportunity for PTI to show good governance and become an example for the rest of the country. They can be a formidable opposition in the centre and ensure government policies are aligned to the welfare of the people.

Congratulaions are in order for Nawaz Sharif and his PML for winning the overall polls although the level of rigging seen in Lahore and other cities of Punjab is creating serious doubts as to the transparency of the polls.

Nawaz Sharif has an opportunity to make things right, put the country to the right path and most importantly listen to what people are saying and listen to PTI. Agreed, a coalition with PTI is unlikely but they must listen to what the young generation is saying. Above all, Nawaz Sharif must resist tendencies to usurp and centralise power. He must let the judiciary and press function independently  to ensure check and balance. He must ensure the tone at the top is correct in terms of zero tolerance to corruption, nepotism and ensure good goverance.

Let’s hope for a better, peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

Post script

The above results require a major qualification as to the transparency and fairness of these elections which have been marred by visible rigging and electoral fraud in a number of widely known cases. Read it below.


Election 2013: Karachi suffers again

Hopes are hopes and reality is sometimes cruel. 2013 elections have seen massive electoral fraud in Karachi again. People were afraid to come out and polling did not start until late in the afternoon and still vote casted for in hundreds of thousands… the only logical explanation can be the massive batch bolloting fraud and nothing else.

People claiming to be representing urban Sindh were so nervous that they managed to push the balloting time to late afternoon to ensure doctoring of results.

Read the following blog written on November 29, 2012 raising these fears which have materialised on 11th May.

The same blogger has recounted the first hand experience of rigging in Karachi in below.

The story of NA-250

The polling area for this constituency includes affluent neighbourhoods of DHA. Traditionally these people do not vote and their vote is casted by the powers to be. This time around however they came out in droves to support PTI and found out that their electoral right was being snatched away from them in broad daylight.

Here is the experience of the Deputy Editor of the Dawn Newspaper.

However, people have spoken and the people of urban Sindh and particularly Karachi are for the first time unafraid of the thugs. The change is coming and although it is slow, it is inevitable.

Evidence of rigging in Karachi

Post Script

It appears PPPP and PML N are also involved in massive rigging. Evidence popping up all over the internet.

Clear rigging in at least 49 polling stations across the country as turnout was more than 100%.

In other consitituencies, riggers were clever and ensured the turnout stayed less than 100%.  If the election commission is any independent and would like the results to be accepted by all, then it should look at verifying the count for all polling stations where turnout was more than 80%. It should catch most poll rigging hopefully.



The leader of the thugs has threatened the peaceful protestors against the sham elections in Karachi in a very poisonous, divisive and mafia-like speech. All media networks are now completely silent and not speaking about the rigging at all. There is visible fear in the posture of media anchors and commentators after this speech. This is the politics of terror and fear at its worst. It is like Lord Voldemort… oops. … you cannot name him but everyone knows who this thug is.

Election 2013: Remember 12th May tomorrow

Remember 12th May tomorrow

Whatever the circumstances, the human nature is always hopeful and so we are hopeful that the population will come out in droves and vote with the conscience and not with emotional attachment to leaders who have never delivered in the past and who in fact are a great hindrance to the progress of the great country of ours – Pakistan.

When you vote tomorrow, please remember to reject the corrupt, the tried and tested, the mock faithfuls, the so called open minded when they are the most closed minded and above all the extortionists, the real terrorists, the cannibals.

Vote for the untried and untested. This is the best hope we have…. And perhaps the most provident.

In the midst of all, please do not forget 12th May, it is only fitting that the elections are taking place in May only a day ahead of 12th May which is one of the darkest chapters in country’s history when a city was locked down by darkness and torch bearers of confrontation and regression.

No one should forget 12th May, 2007, when a country’s Chief Justice was denied entry to Karachi. When people were killed in cold blood, when media was terrorised and which to this day is crying for justice.

The three main parties claiming to represent the voice of liberals played the game of blood against each other’s workers on that day.

You can search for yourself to confirm what happened that day but you may find some links at the end of the article as well.

The supporters of this crime and many more over the course of the last fifty decades (including succession of East Pakistan and other debacles) and their cohorts should be utterly rejected if the people require a change for the better, for a politics without violence where differing opinions are respected and where people are respected for what they bring to the table and welcomed.

Karachi is a cosmopolitan city, attracting people from all ethnicitiy and backgrounds like any mega-city in the world and will remain so. It is up to the people to come out in their droves and reject the politics of fear, intimidation, extortion and above all false victimization. People remaining in power for over two decades cannot claim victimization.. not any more.

Remember, it is very difficult to rig an election, where an overwhelming majority of people vote for a new face, a change. Vote for Imran Khan, he is not a perfect man but he has never been tried. And  only a fool will try the same thing, the same people again and again which has failed before. It has not worked in the past and will not work in the future.

Vote for your future generations… vote for hope.

Good luck Pakistan.

Links (remember and reflect before you vote!)

Is Dawn Newspaper a biased news-aggregator? Or at worst a torch-bearer of yellow and irresponsible journalism?

Dawn Newspaper was founded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. It prided itself in breaking news and was respected in the influential class for its reach and the quality of the journalism.

However, it has recently become a mere news-aggregator and a bad one that is completely biased against Pakistan and is promoting a precipitated view of a failed state (on whose behest is anyone’s guess).

This is especially true since the retirement of the esteemed Ahmed Ali Khan.

There is no sense of patriotism which is not about distorting facts but about helping the nation find the answers to our problems. It is also about doing one’s bit to help promote a balanced picture of the country externally.

Funnily, Google news Pakistan ( is a much better and balanced source of news about Pakistan because it aggregates news from sources with all sorts of biases automatically.

There are several examples of anti-Pakistan biases in Dawn Newspapers’ reporting and some are below:

14th September 2012

The top story is about protests across Pakistan against anti-Islam film. This story has been borrowed from AFP with all its unnecessary details and stereotypical view of Pakistan without the facts (not sure why one has to think that if it comes from a Gora it will be unbiased – feels like a bit of an inferiority complex as well). It seems Dawn Newspaper does not have any reporters based in Pakistan to report this news item in a fashion which more reflects reality instead of typical stereotyping and bucketing of Muslims by Western media. Read for yourself here.

28th August 2012

This story is about signals from Pakistan mobile phone companies’ towers reaching India. This news item has been borrowed from Times of India. It is quite funny because it truly bares the face of Dawn Newspaper as the story is at best only partially true and at worst a good example of yellow journalism. The story makes references to make-believe telecom companies which for a fact do not operate in Pakistan and some may even not exist. By publishing an unsubstantiated report, Dawn Newspaper is willingly participating in a misinformation campaign. Read for yourself here.

27th September 2011

This story is about Pakistan thanking China for its support however the story is intermingled with an opinion piece on US feelings about Pakistan. The story has been borrowed from Reuters. It seems Dawn Newspaper has no reporters in Islamabad to cover this story and hence needed to borrow it from Reuters. Read for yourself here.

These are only a few examples. One can point to a story on a weekly basis if not more often that may well look like coming from Fox News directly (at least they are no hypocrites and are proud of their views)

So, the question for Dawn Newspaper is, why do they employ so many reporters and journalists if they intend to aggregate news from selected foreign media for news even from Pakistan. Even a youngster with some web publishing knowledge can do this with flying colours.

Foreign news agencies’ feeds are generally used only where an organisation does not have the resources to cover the story first-hand and needs to rely on those feeds. Thanks to Dawn Newspaper, stories from Pakistan are now received and propagated via foreign media (with all the spiced-up anti-Pakistan bias) and branded as if these were from Dawn Newspaper notwithstanding the small print that no one normally reads or pays attention to.

But the bigger question is why the Pakistani elite and so-called educated class continue to hold Dawn Newspaper in high esteem. The only fathomable reason is that the corrupt and unpatriotic love each other’s company.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – why Karachi is a map

Not being a keen follower of gaming anymore, it was surprising to learn that Karachi is a battle map on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

It is the most despecable thing Activision (the creators of this game) have done. All gaming lovers who love Pakistan and Karachi should write protest emails to Activision ( Here is the brief description from Call of Duty Wiki on this map.


Karachi is a map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 set in Karachi, Pakistan.

The factions are the Navy SEALs and the OpFor. It takes place in a town setting.  There are many buildings to enter and attack from.  The most popular area is made up of an alleyway and two buildings connected by a balcony connected by two ladders.



It appears Activision are acting on some hidden agendas to desensitise people around these things so that if something is planned by some idiots (remember the invasion of Iraq on lies!), people are not shocked.

If this is not the case then Activision should add Washington DC as a map as well… may be it is too naive to think.. they can’t risk the massive domestic US population anger which can affect their sales forever.

What double standards…..

Shame on you Activision.

The copycat chairman who defies Karachi University’s zero tolerance policy

Despite high claims by the Higher Education Commission and the University of Karachi that it has adopted a policy of “zero-tolerance” on plagiarism, one academic has not only seen his PhD thesis approved despite being under this cloud but has also been made chairman of a prestigious department.

The much talked of case, though dormant for some couple of years, is that of Dr Mahmood Ghaznavi, the Chairman of the Department of Mass Communication (MCD). Dr Ghaznavi has been accused of plagiarizing the research work of one of his colleagues in the same department and the irony is that he has gotten away with this.

While this accusation was proven true, the matter was swept under the carpet and Dr Ghaznavi not only received his PhD degree but was later also appointed as chairman of the department. The KU administration is at a loss to explain why this was allowed to happen.

According to a professor who requested anonymity, Dr Ghaznavi “borrowed” 90 percent of the research work of his colleague for his PhD thesis. The research work was originally of Dr Tahir Masood, also of the MCD.

Dr Masood did his PhD research on the topic “Urdu Sahafat Unneesveen Sadee Mein” (Urdu Journalism in the Nineteenth Century) and for this he travelled to India and did research by digging up materials at libraries in Calcutta (now Kolkata), Delhi, Patna and at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Academics say that Dr Masood’s work on Urdu journalism is highly regarded and his earned him a PhD.

At the time, Dr. Ghaznavi was also conducting his research. The topic of his PhD thesis was “Urdu Sahafat Mein Zabaan Aur Usloob Ka Irteqa” (Evolution of Language and Diction in Urdu Journalism).

His supervisor was Dr. Moinuddin Aqeel. But Dr Aqeel left for Japan in between to teach Urdu there and Prof Younus Hasny was appointed as the new supervisor of Dr Ghaznavi. after doing the required work, Dr Ghaznavi submitted his thesis to the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) and soon after received his PhD degree.

Problems surfaced, however, when a copy of the thesis landed in the MCD library as per practice.

Dr Tahir Masood happened to read the thesis and was surprised to see that his colleague had included a large portion his (Dr. Masood’s) research in his thesis without any attribution.

Taken aback by this blatant act, Dr Masood angrily wrote a letter to university Vice Chancellor Dr. Zafar Zaidi. Dr Zaidi, who was was equally angry when he read the thesis, ordered that the theses of both the researchers be re-examined.This exercise proved that Dr Ghaznavi had indeed engaged in the plagiarism.

Soon after, Dr Ghaznavi’s supervisor, Prof Younus Hasny, also conceded this irregularity. After this admission, a meeting was held between Dr Tahir Masood and Dr Mahmood Ghaznavi which was also attended by Prof Hasny and the Chairman of the MCD. It was decided that Dr Masood should point out the places where Dr Ghaznavi had plagiarised and the latter would rewrite these portions and quote Dr Masood as the source. By academic standards the world over, this is a highly irregular practice. Usually plagiarism results in summary dismissal of the guilty academic.

However, the thesis was resubmitted to the supervisor and Dr Tahir Masood was then asked to and wrote a letter to the VC “pardoning” Dr Ghaznavi and withdrawing his earlier complaint against him. Dr Masood also extracted a promise that Dr Ghaznavi will not publish his thesis, to which the latter agreed.

But the fact remained that Dr Ghaznavi’s re-written thesis was not re-submitted to the BASR and the plagiarist was allowed to go unpunished. He became a professor and subsequently the chairman of the MCD in the years to follow.

While it is understandable that academics at KU want to forget the issue, others ask why no action was taken by the HEC or the KU administration. Too add insult to injury, the person was promoted in what is seen as an unprecedented abuse of academic privilage.

Some academics point out that since KU is the home university of HEC chairman, Dr Atta Ur Rehman, the matter was quickly forgotten. Academics of other universities have been blacklisted by the HEC, they say.

While talking to The News, Dr Tahir Masood said that the offence was “a bit old” and the offender had already “endured mental anguish and was sorry for his act” and asked that the matter be left alone. “I have forgiven him. Why are we taking out the skeletons from the cupboard?” he asked.

The problem, say others, is that not only is a bad example been set but the MCD has become a laughing stock in acadmic circles. Many students find this humiliating.

The News talked to Dr Jamil Jalibi, the former Vice Chancellor of the university who conducted viva voce exam for both Dr. Tahir Masood and Dr Mahmood Ghaznavi and asked his views because he had read the theses of both the researchers. “Yes, I had read both the theses and found out that Dr Ghaznavi had lifted the research of Dr Tahir Masood. I informed the BASR about the discrepancy and he (Ghaznavi) was asked to rewrite the theses taking out the work of Dr Masood from it. His supervisor Dr Younus Hasany was also taken in confidence. The degree was kept on a hold till the removal of the stolen parts of the thesis”, Dr Jalibi recalled.

He also talked about the deal between the two researchers and Dr Tahir Masood asking Ghaznavi to remove the references taken from his (Dr Masood’s thesis) and not to publish it in future.

Dr Younus Hasany, ex Chairman of the department of Urdu, agreed that he had found the addendum with his thesis a true copy of Dr Tahir Masood’s and he informed Dr Zafar Zaidi about it. “I advised Dr Ghaznavi that he should rewrite the addendum. But in all fairness it was not a big deal. The thesis would have been complete even after the removal of the addendum”, Dr Hasany claimed.

He further said that Dr Zafar Zaidi, the VC at the time, appointed two examiners to check the theses of both the teachers. The examiners, according to Dr Hasany, exonerated Dr Ghaznavi from the charges of plagiarism and recommended that the PhD degree should be issued to him. But this seems not to be the widely held interpretation of events.

A senior professor and chairman of a department in Faculty of Arts said, “The fact is that Dr Ghaznavi stole five chapters from Dr Masood’s thesis, presented it as his own research and received his PhD degree. There are some stakeholders who are the birds of same feather. They encouraged this moral crime and now they are defending him”, the harshness his voice was surprising. Would he vouch for it? Yes, he would and many teachers would collaborate to it, he said firmly.

The News talked to several MCD graduates and Final Year students. Most of them pleaded anonymity.

They said that Dr Ghaznavi should have resigned instead of hiding behind various excuses. “Look sir, it is disgusting what he did and the fact that he was then made chairman of the department is insult to injury,” a graduate of the department confided. Yet another MCD graduate who works with a TV channel vented her anger: “It is embarrassing. Sometimes my colleagues in the office who are from other departments make fun of me and other MCD fellows.”

Dr Mahmood Ghaznavi refused to meet the scribe to tell his side of the story. The News requested him several times for a meeting and also used the good offices of two senior professors of the department but they were also returned with the message that ‘I will not talk to the reporter as I know that I would be misquoted’. He also expressed his apprehension that he was being tormented by some journalists for some specified and unspecified reasons.